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Board Meeting Information

All Board and committee meetings are held in the District Board Room in the Administration offices at the Monterey Regional Airport. The Board meeting schedule may need to be altered from time to time. The public is invited to attend all open meetings.

NOTE: Due to the expiration of the COVID-19 California State of Emergency, the Monterey Peninsula Airport District will return to holding meetings at the Airport Board Room, with in-person attendance. Members of the public may attend the Board Meeting in person and request to speak to the Board when the Chair calls for public comment.  In general, remote comments will not be allowed, except as outlined in the limited circumstances below.

The Monterey Peninsula Airport District will continue to broadcast the Board Meetings via Zoom video conference for viewing by the public.  Meeting ID and password (if any) will be referenced on each agenda. If you do not have access to the internet, you may listen telephonically by calling (253) 215-8782 and entering the same Meeting ID (and password if applicable).

In the event that a Board Member utilizes the procedure outlined in AB 2449 to attend a meeting, only then will remote public comments be allowed.  Under those circumstances, when the Chair calls for public comment, attendees can queue to speak with the “Raise Hand” feature. On the Zoom application, click the “Raise Hand” button. On the phone, press *9. The Secretary to the Board will call speaker names and unmute speaker microphones. You will have up to 3 minutes to provide your oral comments, pursuant to Board policy.

Members of the public who desire to make a public comment can send an email to and include the following subject line: “Public Comment Item # (insert the agenda item number relevant to your comment).” Written comments should be received by 8:00 AM on the day of the meeting. All submitted comments will be provided to the Board for consideration and will be compiled as part of the record.

Agendas for all regular Board meetings are posted at least seventy-two hours prior to the meeting on two bulletin boards, one outside of the Administration office and one outside the terminal building (pursuant to Government Code Section 54954.2 (a)(1) and Government Code Section 54956 (a)).

Special Board meetings may also be scheduled by the Board as necessary. Agendas for Special Board meetings are posted at least twenty-four hours prior to the meetings.

Minutes of the Board meetings are taken and presented to the Board for approval. Only after minutes are approved by the Board of Directors are the minutes of a meeting considered final.

Board Meeting Schedule:
Third Wednesday of each month
Meetings shall commence at 9:00 AM

Board Meeting Location:
Board Room
Second Floor of the Airport Terminal Building
200 Fred Kane Drive, Suite 200
Monterey, CA 93940