Fiscal Administration

The fiscal administration of the District is based both on statutory requirements and generally recognized policies and practices applicable to public finance and the administration of airports. The Airport operates on a business enterprise basis. Costs are recovered from rents, fees, rates and charges assessed to the users of the airport.

The District operates on a fiscal year running from the first day of July through the end of June each year. A budget is developed each year in advance of the start of the fiscal year and contains the estimate of all revenue and expenses, including operating and maintenance expenses, payroll, and acquisitions and improvements. The Board adopts the budget by resolution each year.


FY 2018 Adopted budget
Rates & ChargesSalary ScheduleOperating BudgetCapital Budget


fy 2017 adopted budget
Rates & ChargesSalary ScheduleOperating BudgetCapital Budget


Annually the District’s financial operations are audited by an independent accounting firm selected by the Board of Directors. That firm prepares and submits an audit report to the Board of Directors.