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Noise Abatement Recommendations

Monterey Airport is surrounded by noise sensitive residential and commercial areas. Pilots are asked to fly neighborly.

Please observe the following noise abatement guidelines using your quietest departure techniques and following published pattern altitudes and procedures when safety, weather and/or traffic conditions permit.

Noise abatement guidelines do not supercede ATC directions or safety considerations.

May contain: nature, outdoors, land, and plot


Preferential Runway (Rwy)

Arrivals: Rwy 28 L/R

Departures: Rwy 10 R/L


VFR Procedures


Commence turns following departure after reaching an altitude of 900', and / or passing over Highway One (freeway) departing Rwy 28 L/R.

Utilize Monterey Bay's over-water route when possible.


As directed by ATC


Traffic Pattern Altitudes

North Pattern · Propeller 1500' agl · Turbine 2000' agl

North Closed Pattern (Within one mile Rwy 28 R/L) · Propeller 1000' agl (only) · Turbine N/A



Follow fixed wing patterns and avoid residential area adjacent to the airport


Touch and Go Operations

NO touch-and-go operations for ANY turbo jet aircraft or turbo prop aircraft larger than a King Air (C-12). Limited to the hours of 0830-2000, Monday through Friday, and 0900-1800, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays. Touch-and-go operations restricted to four with a two-hour period.


Practice Approaches

DISCOURAGED. Limit of two practice approaches for aircraft larger than a King Air (C-12). On missed practice approach fly length of Rwy 10R before turning north. Discontinue approach west and remain over water if unable to over fly airport on missed approach.

Low passes, formation arrivals/departures, and overhead patterns are prohibited.


Voluntary Curfew

There is a voluntary curfew from 2300-0700 hours local time: Aircraft operations are discouraged due to noise sensitive community.

Prior Permission Request Form (PPR): A PPR is requested for all multi-engine turbine-powered aircraft arriving and/or departing during the voluntary curfew hours.

Please click the link at the top of the page to fill out a PPR.

During Curfew Hours: LANDINGS are limited to Rwy 28 unless conditions dictate otherwise TAKE-OFFS are limited to Rwy 10R unless conditions dictate otherwise.

Curfew Exceptions: Emergencies, Necessary Military Operations, Stage 3 aircraft, Commercial Carriers meeting Stage 3 requirements, Non-stage 3 aircraft delayed due to weather, equipment or other operational problems beyond reasonable control.



For any additional questions, please contact the Operations Department at (831) 648-7000 ext. 400.

For noise complaints, please fill out the Noise Comment form.

Click here for information on 2015 changes to MRY approach procedures.